SwissSys Software

Bug reports, fixes, and tweaks

The following minor bugs and small improvements have been dealt with since version the release of version 9.5. The version shown in parenthesis gives the version with which the change was made. If you do not have the latest release of version 9 installed (check the Help|About box), you may download and install the most up-to-date version from the downloads page and use it without having to re-register. 

Exclusion of sections from FIDE rating report did not work correctly. (9.5)

Rare pairing bug: Could swap opponents for the oddman needlessly. (9.51)

Conversion to double Swiss was not always preserving distinction between W+L and D+D. (9.52)

FIDE norm calculator could miscount the number of titled opponents. (9.52)

Norm calculations not adjusting for forfeits properly. (9.53)

Access error when exporting team results with an empty section. (9.54)

Norm problem with miscounting exception to rule 1.43. (9.54)

First results not read back in correctly for blitz style. (9.55)

Range check error for round robins with the multi-view pair chart. (9.55)

City subtotals not supporting longer city names. (9.55)

Standings total column width not remembered after a change. (9.55)

Problem with view combined sections when there are only two sections. (9.55)

Spurious header information in wall chart printouts. (9.55)

JaVaFo and bbpPairings implementation of 2017 FIDE rules. (9.56)

html output tweaked to make it more CSS-friendly. (9.57)

Problem reading the CFC database. (9.57)

Tiny help file things. (9.58)

Form sizes now adjusted for non-standard dpi settings. (9.58)

Buchholz tie break updated. (9.58)

Automatic download and installation of FIDE and CFC player list. (9.58)

Norm error in waiving 1.43federation requirements. (9.58)

Check on blitz style for USCF rating report has been restored. (9.58)

F/X forfeit markers not immediately displayed in pair chart. (9.58)

Switching of first and second rating was improperly restricted. (9.581)

Problem with switching primary and secondary databases of identical type. (9.6)

Fixed-roster board numbers offset when using equal number of boards for all teams. (9.61)

Font file not saving team standings fonts consistently. (9.61)

Save dialog for exports not popping up under some Windows 10 installations. (9.61)

Merge exclusion of rounds not indexed properly. (9.62)

Problem with plus-2 pairings of oddman missing alternatives to in-team pairings. (9.62)

Format option for displaying float information was not correct in USCF mode. (9.62)

Correction of version 9.62 that made fixed-roster pairings inconsistent. (9.63)

Conversion to double Swiss was not distinguishing between two draws and a win plus a loss. (9.64)

Added Bucholtz cut 1 and cut 2 tiebreaks. (9.64)

Made tiebreak abbreviations longer and easier to understand.

Allow for saving settings without machine-dependent information like path names. (9.64)

FIDE certificate awarded (9.6)

Profile with file option caused error if mixing maximized and normal window sizes. (9.65)

New option: Profile now optionally skips overwriting local paths. (9.65)

Norm reference tables not always updated, so the certificate could list incorrect points required. (9.65)

Printing of bye list used wrong font. (9.65)

Printouts could skip first page. (9.66)

Colors reversed for last round in some round double round robins. (9.67)

Sorting of players with equal rating needed adjustment. (9.67)

Unnecessary warning about invalid paths. (9.68)

Problem with losing second half results of divided blitz style tournaments. (9.69)

USCF ratings report tweaked for when some games are not FIDE-ratable. (9.7)

"Range error" could appear if not using the "clear reserved byes" option for withdrawals. (9.7)

New features (9.7):

    Prompt to substitute quick/blitz rating for regular and vice-versa 

    Suppress display of full point bye result in pair chart.

    Option to set "Never gets the bye flag" when the program assigns a bye.