SwissSys Software

Bug reports, fixes, and tweaks

The following minor bugs and small improvements have been dealt with since the release of version 9.0. The version shown in parenthesis gives the version with which the change was made (new features are in red.) If you have an older version 9 copy (check the Help|About box), you may download and install the most up-to-date version from the downloads page and register it without having to re-register. 

 Support for the newer USCF rating report format that includes color information. (9.1)
JaVaFo pairing engine included for Fide pairings.  (9.2)

Confirm from database errors. (9.3)

Database support for full Canadian postal codes.  (9.3)

Adjustable database window font. (9.31)

Random pairings not re-randomized after each round. (9.32)

Colors assigned wrong sometimes if both players had identical color histories and forfeits. (9.33)

First round problem with accerated pairings and byes. (9.34)

Submitted officially for FIDE certification (9.4)

Added feature: Option to put floats at bottom of score group in pair chart, or sort by ranking. (9.41)

Incompatibility with installation on Mac under Parallels with Windows 10. (9.41)

Half point byes listed as --- in wallchart under JaVaFo pairing engine for FIDE. (9.41)

FIDE pairings tweaked and FIDE rules dialog modified to conform to FIDE standards. (9.42)

Loading TRF files for FIDE could fail to load the final round. (9.43)

FIDE certification recommended. (9.5)

Exclusion of sections from FIDE rating report did not work correctly. (9.5)

Exclusion of sections from alphabetical listings and fees is now supported. (9.5)

Rare pairing bug: Could swap opponents for the oddman needlessly. (9.51)

FIDE player list format error fixed. (9.51)

Conversion to double Swiss was not always preserving distinction between W+L and D+D. (9.52)

FIDE norm calculator could miscount the number of titled opponents. (9.52)

Rarely a useful switches on the oddman's opponent could be missed. (9.52)

Clear winner prize bonus sometimes omitted from prize total listings. (9.52)

New features (9.53): Allow multi-select for email recipients.

      CFC forfeit reporting updated to the new standard.

Norm calculations not adjusting for forfeits properly. (9.53)

Random pairings were not random enough with the choice of oddman. (9.53)

Include title in advance registration list and alphabetical pairing list. (9.53)

Plus-2 pairings could leave out a player under rare conditions. (9.53)

Access error when exporting team results with an empty section. (9.54)

Norm problem with miscounting exception to rule 1.43. (9.54)

First results not read back in correctly for blitz style. (9.55)

Range check error for round robins with the multi-view pair chart. (9.55)

City subtotals not supporting longer city names. (9.55)

Standings total column width not remembered after a change. (9.55)

Problem with view combined sections when there are only two sections. (9.55)

Spurious header information in wall chart printouts. (9.55)

JaVaFo and bbpPairings implementation of 2017 FIDE rules. (9.56)

html output tweaked to make it more CSS-friendly. (9.57)

Problem reading the CFC database. (9.57)

Tiny help file things. (9.58)

Form sizes now adjusted for non-standard dpi settings. (9.58)

Buchholz tie break updated. (9.58)

Automatic download and installation of FIDE and CFC player list. (9.58)

Norm error in waiving 1.43federation requirements. (9.58)

Check on blitz style for USCF rating report has been restored. (9.58)

F/X forfeit markers not immediately displayed in pair chart. (9.58)

Switching of first and second rating was improperly restricted. (9.581)

Interim FIDE certificate awarded for the new rules (9.6)

Problem with switching primary and secondary databases of identical type. (9.6)