ering SwissSys with a credit card involves three easy steps. (To pay by check or money order, mail your payment to the address listed on the Contact page).

1) Download the unregistered (demo) version of the program from the downloads page. The demo version of SwissSys will be limited to two tournament rounds until you purchase your registration and the unlocking code that comes with it.

2) Submit your credit card payment via PayPal by clicking on a PayPal link below. Only registered users of older releases are eligible for the upgrade discounts.




3) Send an email to me at alerting me to your purchase. Include with this email your name and address along with the unique computer ID number that SwissSys provides when you select the "Help|Register SwissSys" menu.
Each purchase of a registration entitles you install the program on one laptop. I also permit a courtesy copy on a home desktop (not a second laptop) at no extra charge. If installing to both, I will need a separate computer ID number for each machine.

When I receive your completed order, I will email you your serial number so your can unlock your demo copy and do real tournaments.
 SwissSys, version 9  $99.00          
 FIDE-only registration   $49.00  
 Upgrade from version 8   $45.00  
 Upgrade from version 7   $55.00  
 Older upgrade   $65.00  
 Upgrade from FIDE-only  $50.00  
 Pay special order  ..........  

SwissSys Software

Ordering and upgrading