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Version 11
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PLEASE NOTE: New contact email is thad@SwissSys.com -- CURRENT RELEASE: 11.52

Whether you are a newcomer to tournament chess who has been drafted to direct an elementary school championship, or an experienced organizer looking for software to make everything run smoothly at a high-stakes event, SwissSys is up to the job.

It makes pairings for Swiss system tournaments, following all USCF or FIDE rules for alternation of color, transposition of players--the whole business. It lets you print out pairings, standings, wall charts, upset results, new ratings, certificates, and lots more. It will import players from member databases published by the USCF, the CFC, FIDE, or your own custom player lists.

In fact, there isn't much it can't do for you except make the coffee. (And we're working on that.)

SwissSys also provides a free hosted "Events" service for posting your tournament charts online quickly and easily.

All this and more makes SwissSys the ideal tournament assistant.

Download a free, no-hassle version and see for yourself, or
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